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Individual Accounting

Digitising, automating and adapting your own software to meet your clients’ requirements is time-consuming, costs resources and can significantly slacken ongoing operations.

Imagine someone coming into your office and simply doing it for you. As a trained expert, I do exactly that. I implement the necessary features into your system according to your specifications, create rules, define processes and train your employees. They can then use these tools and techniques themselves and continue working independently.

  1. Optimal use of existing accounting software simplification; and the application of (paid) functions.
  2. Simplification and acceleration of commercial processes for the client, especially through optimisation and digitisation
  3. Support with selected clients’ “digitisation”
  4. The creation of a user manual for your employees and clients.
Digitales Rechnungswesen
Digitales Rechnungswesen

Advantages of Automation

Your clients benefit from the new opportunities and can concentrate on their own core business. You benefit from an expanded range of services, simplified processes and additional resources.

  • Optimising accounting software individually
  • Digitising manual steps
  • Implementing automated processes
  • Master data cleansing – acquisitions
  • Standardising processes
  • Consolidation
  • Staff training
  • Transparency in all processes

The Compact Talk

During a free compact 20-minute lecture (which you could watch during your lunch break), I present to you the most important advantages of your future accountancy. Invite your employees, partners and clients and allow yourself to be inspired about new projects and joint advancement.

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