Technology should be working for us – not the other way around.
The future of accounting lies at our feet.
All we need is to pick it up and turn it on.

– Yours, Agnes Andersen

About me

I want entrepreneurs to be able to concentrate on their core business again. That’s why I accompany companies in optimising and automating their accounting processes.

I have been fascinated with numbers since childhood and there’s no wonder why: my father worked in accounting and passed his talent for juggling numbers on to me. He also taught me the importance of a robust financial framework for any company. If this scaffold is solidly built and meticulously thought-out, you’ll be able to climb up and enjoy your view from the top. It aids decision-making and affords business owners proper perspective in steering the fate of their company wisely.

My career in accountancy began in payroll, then bookkeeping, accounting and consolidation. Amongst other companies, I worked for BMD, a software company with which I still work closely now and whose products I know very well. Alongside my work, I studied philosophy and came to realise how keenly well-structured and holistic thinking can sharpen one’s focus on the essentials.

Now, in the age of digitisation and automation, it is even more important to produce a manageable framework for company numbers and processes. This is the only way we can simplify our increasingly complex workdays. Technology should be working for us – not the other way around.


As an all-rounder in accountancy with IT competency in the private sector as well as in both smaller and larger tax consultancy firms, Agnes Andersen’s focus has always been on optimising processes.

The colourful spectrum of industries with which she has collaborated ranges from tobacco shops, tailors, advertising agencies, ticket shops, concert organisers, orchestras, musicians and artists, to educational institutions, kindergartens, publishing houses, restaurants and hotels, but also IT companies, construction companies, architects, politicians, Installers, property managers, financial advisors, insurance agents, investment companies, property managers, and various other services and wholesalers.

The company sizes range from sole proprietorships and associations to small GmbHs to group balance sheets: both UGB and IFRS.

Regardless of whether in payroll accounting, bookkeeping, balance sheet accounting, cost accounting or consolidation, Agnes Andersen’s wealth of experience lies from the operational handling of agendas to data transfer from external systems, implementations, facilities and training courses, including the creation of individual user manuals for the employees of the company.


  • Business consulting for finance and accounting
  • Self-employed accountant according to BiBuG
  • Philosophy, Bachelor of Arts, University of Vienna
  • Project management, Vienna University of Economics and Business
  • Graduate learning coach
  • BMD accounting trainer
  • BMD digitisation license for commerce trust firms

Accounting Software

  • BMD
  • RZL
  • Eurofib
  • Navision
  • IGEL
  • DVO
  • XERO

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